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4th-Mar-2012 03:16 pm - Sherlock fanfic: Connection part 1
From the following prompt on the sherlock kinkmeme: (link) "I have decided to take care of my virginity.
Please arrange for a suitable

That's good to hear.
Tomorrow 8 p.m.

Sherlock of course expects some exotic youth trained in Kama Sutra, because Mycroft is nothing if not thorough. Cue a middle-aged army doctor in a cuddly jumper appearing at his doorsteep, smiling and asking for a cuppa. Because yes, Mycroft is very, very thorough at everything he does.

Part 1Collapse )

On to Part 2


20th-May-2010 11:03 pm(no subject)
Sorry I haven't update in forever and a half. I have been slowly working on the next chapter of Brownies, but between finishing up school, graduating, and doing real world job stuff, I haven't had much time for writing. I hope that as I get settled into things over the summer, I will have more time to devote to writing my stories.

Also, if you haven't noticed, I've been changing my entries over to friend-only. Sorry for any inconvenience, but if you have been following along and want to continue, just let me know and I will friend you.
19th-Oct-2009 10:44 pm - A meme thing
Umm, yeah, no story updates yet. Still working on Advent Children cosplay. I have been working but by little bit on the next section of Brownies. I'm not abandoning things, I swear.

Anyways, since one who asks a question of this meme is morally obligated to post it, and since I suffer from curiosity and feel compelled to ask questions, I figured I should offer those who follow my stuff the same opportunity.

The problem with LJ: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.
17th-Mar-2009 07:53 pm(no subject)
Note to self: Pirate fights were-shark. Witty one-liners and the killing of were shark. Rumors of treasure from a seedy leprechaun pimp (lucky charm bling, and the line, "Would ye be interested in a bonny lass? She can do the horizontal river dance like you wouldn't believe *leer*" or something of that effect).  Onward sailing, *woah* ZOMBIE-were-shark! Controlled by mer-necromancer!!!! WTF???

This story must get written whenever I get some free time.

In more coherent and entirely more relevant news, I'm procrastinating on M&B. Midterms are technically over on Friday, though, so I'm not officially late yet.
21st-May-2008 12:11 pm - The Future
I know I said I was going to be working on an original story after I finished Sculpting for Dummies...but then exams happened, and now I'm off for the summer, starting a new job and working through three video games, a book, a few anime series, and some assorted webcomics.
I'll get started on the story eventually. My problem is, I have too many fragmented ideas floating around in my head, but only a very few have a coherent storyline, and only one or two have a complete plot line in my head as of now. So basically, I'm dumping a bunch of ideas here so that I don't forget what they are, and hopefully I'll pick one to start with soon.

Faecoren- an elven prince who's kingdom is taken over and destroyed by a psycho mage because Fae runs away from his destiny. He flees to a foreign land and must try to find a way to fix his mistake and save his people (and maybe learn to love as well).

Luc- a dyslexic mercenary, his new apprentice, and his sometimes friend/lover ex on a quest to find stereotypical magic stones that have been lost in time, in order to prevent a magical war that could devastate the world.

Gray- seven people's fates converge as Gray, a young girl with the unwitting power to control destiny, pulls them together in order to divert the pending apocalypse. has m/m, f/f, and maybe a little het.

Blight- In a demon version of the Spanish Inquisition, feuding demons must learn to work together to escape the dungeons of their human tormentors. Their only hope for survival rests on the cooperation of a naive blue water spirit with the power to heal using his own life force, a transporter, a human guard, and an assortment of powerful creatures, each with their own agenda.

untitled 1- a kind of wimpy vampire who takes classes at the local university and loves grape slushees catches the eye of one of his classmates. Their budding relationship is threatened when the government finds out about the existence of vampires and the serum that allows them to survive in sunlight and seeks to control it.

untitled 2- A twenty-something man who is, admittedly, 'too wholesome for his own good', moves into a quiet, conservative neighborhood in Virginia. He tries to adapt to a new home, a new job, neighborhood kids who want his video game systems, his sexuality, and the new guy on the block, who confuses him to no end.

untitled 3- short story- a werewolf who has been isolating himself for years to protect his village gets caught in a spell on his way to lock himself away for a transformation. The spell's caster is fascinated by the boy he finds in his grasps, but the rising moon complicates things.
untitled 4- zombie apocalypse.  nerd task force.  who will survive?

that's good enough for now. This is the reason I can't concentrate on real things- I have all these pieces of stories floating around in my head.
14th-May-2008 07:53 pm - Training with Jounin in Russian?
So...I think someone translated 'Training with Jounin' into Russian. I can't really read Russian, so I'm not sure, though. I was a little surprised when I found it. I mean, no one told me about it or anything. Guess it's cool that someone thought it was good enough to translate (and hopefully they fixed all of the spelling mistakes I was too lazy to edit out), and they made sure to credit me for it, so it's not like the devArt fiasco a couple months ago. Guess it never really occurred to me that the KakaIru fandom exists in languages other than Japanese or English (yay American small-mindedness! God Bless America!)
So, yeah. If someone understands Russian and wants to see if this is really a translation of my fic or whatnot, here's the link. (Not that I really expect people to frequent my lj. I mean, I barely even read it, and I write the damned thing)
5th-Mar-2008 12:31 am - A sequel to ramblings
 So, just an update on the whole plagiarism thing. The offending chapters finally got taken down, but the user apparently hasn't been banned. She left this happy little comment on my wall. 

"Great! I don't suppose your going to try to delete the other things on my account? Too bad!! Id you actually find any, that's really copies from mine, I'm the only one to try to mix Princess Tutu and Naruto together!"

Bitch, please. I honestly don't know if your wrote the rest of those 'stories' on your account, but the grammer and spelling are poor enough to suggest you did. But you know, if you're saying the same thing about those stories as you did for Sculpting for Dummies (and that hurts, by the way, very offensive), then that leads me to wonder. 

If they are stolen as well, at least the deviantart people have her on record for previous violations and be keeping an eye on her. 

I find this matter morbidly amusing. Did she actually thing people would believe she wrote Sculpting? The change in grammer, punctuation, tense, tone, and overall quality makes much too steep a jump, hun. I really believe this is just an cry for attention. 

Meh, whatever. Once again, I apologize for my bitchiness. Unless she tries to copy and paste any more chapters from my stories (or any other people's fanfictions that I recognize), this issue is over.

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